Luxury suites are also excluded from the survey


Alone in the back of the hall, leaning against the church’s DJ booth, Cornelius “Cornbread” Givens sucks air from his oxygen tank the one he’s used since being diagnosed this past March with emphysema. Givens isn’t here as part of some rehab assignment. Instead, the 68 year old has come to preach his own gospel, on the power of cooperative businesses.

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Average ticket price represents a weighted average of season ticket prices for general seating categories, determined by factoring the tickets in each price range as a percentage of the total number of seats in each venue. Premium seating (tickets that come with at least one added amenity or is classified by team as premium) are not included in the survey to calculate average ticket price. Luxury suites are also excluded from the survey.

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We don blame you, either, for not totally getting it if you don have diabetes. Whether you have it, know someone who does, worry about your risk of developing it, or hardly give it any thought, you likely come across confusing diabetes misinformation. To help make it all a little less complicated, here are some of the most common myths about diabetes, debunked..

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