“JCPS spokeswoman Allison Martin confirmed Wednesday that the


Losing my wife in 2002, writes Gerard Tetreault, have taken the opportunity provided by Sporting Christmas to donate a small amount to those in need, and to help remember all my family members who have left this world. I hope this small amount helps bring happiness to those less fortunate at this Holy time of the year. Tells us he remembering father Bernard (died 11/03/67), mother Edith (24/09/04), brother Edward (15/11/94), sister in law Annella (23/08/01), sister Jeannette (15/07/04) and wife Barbara (03/06/02)..

Former Jefferson County Public Schools teacher Jodi Anderson http://www.oakleyscheap.cn/, who was fired last month over concerns about her use of restraint and other issues, has filed an appeal to her termination with the state.Anderson,who most recently was a teacher at Fairdale Elementary, has filed notice with the Kentucky Department of Education and JCPS that she is contesting Superintendent Donna Hargens’ decision to fire her replica oakley sunglasses, the department confirmed Wednesday.By statute, terminated educators have 10 days to file notice with their superintendent and with the state that they intend to answer the charges against them. When that happens, the commissioner of education appoints a three person tribunal to conduct an administrative hearing within 45 daysin the county where the school district is located.That hearing can be public or private at the educator’s discretion.READ MORE: Bevin to be investigated by House panelREAD MORE: Galaxy Note 7 explosion evacuates plane at SDFJCPS fired Anderson in Septemberfor “insubordination, conduct unbecoming a teacher, inefficiency, incompetency and neglect of duty.”JCPS spokeswoman Allison Martin confirmed Wednesday that the district had received Anderson’s letter and said that “we do not comment on personnel actions in the district.”Anderson’s firing followed a review this year of her past conduct with children. That review was openedfollowing questions from the CJ about past investigations of her use of restraint on students.In 2011, A JCPS investigation found that Anderson, then a special needs teacher at Layne Elementary, scratched a boy as she held him up against a wall in a restraint.A 2014 JCPS investigation into Anderson found that she pulled a boy out of his chair and held his arms behind his back and his body against a wall continuing to restrain him even after the boy began vomiting and then later making the boy clean up his own vomit, according to records first obtained by the CJ.JCPS initially did little to reprimand Anderson beyond taking away her restraint and seclusion certification known as Safe Crisis Management certification.But a January 2016 JCPS investigation found that Anderson nevertheless restrained a student after her certification was revoked.Following a new review this year of Anderson’s past investigations, JCPS moved Anderson out of Layne Elementary, assigning her as a second grade teacher at Fairdale Elementary.READ MORE: I 64 E traffic may improve Thursday morningREAD MORE: Former JCPS teacher appeals her terminationAnderson’s termination letter, dated Sept.

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