It’s about the memories he cherishes


Wisconsin has a bond with the Packers unlike anything else in pro sports, and for 16 years Favre was beloved by the entire state. It wasn’t just that he rejuvenated the storied franchise, bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown after the team wallowed through two decades of mediocrity or worse. Or that he turned Cheesehead, a derogatory nickname favored by residents of neighboring states, into a term of endearment and pride..

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But, to Reamon, who now coaches at Gloucester High School, the filming event was far more than food, football and fame. It’s about the memories he cherishes, about days when he pushed Vick to put his fastest foot forward and run with the ball or pass it to someone who could. “To re create this time with Michael Vick is very exciting,” he said, smiling from ear to ear.

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