At 1435 GMT, shares in TI Media were up 3 percent, having risen


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canada goose sale Press reports about potential ownership changes have prompted a surge in trading of TI Media shares in recent days.The stock gained 17.6 percent on Tuesday, a rise partly prompted by expectations that one of Italy’s most popular talkshow hosts might join the broadcaster and so boost its advertising sales.”The news reported by some newspapers about the delisting of Telecom Italia Media is canada goose sale without foundation,” Telecom Italia said in a statement.At 1435 GMT, shares in TI Media were up 3 percent, having risen nearly 8 percent earlier in the session. Dealers cited speculative trades following the media reports.Trading volumes in the stock, briefly suspended for excessive Cheap Canada Goose volatility, were more than 17 times the 30 day average.Italy’s MF newspaper reported on Wednesday that Telecom Italia, which owns 77.7 percent of TI Media, could buy the rest of the company to have a freer hand in negotiating any deals.On Saturday, Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper quoted TI Media’s chief executive as saying the company would have a new majority shareowner by year end.With reference to the press reports, Telecom Italia said on Monday that possible extraordinary operations concerning the media group were “mere working hypotheses”.Left leaning group L’Espresso called the reports “fantasy”, and an RCS spokesman on Wednesday denied the speculation.”La7 would change canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose both with RCS and with Canada Goose Sale (L’Espresso’s owner Carlo) De Benedetti, especially with De Benedetti,” La7 Director Enrico Mentana told Radio24 on Wednesday, adding one of the network’s strengths was the absence of a political affiliation.La7 saw a 21.9 percent rise in ad sales in the first quarter as its audience hit a record, and analysts expected a similar trend in the current quarter. Mediaset’s free channels saw a 0.9 percent drop in ad revenues in the first four months of 2011 canada goose sale.


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